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4G Networking Event – Guns, Girls, Gays and the GOP!

Gun Control Hearings – February 2019

Gun Cleaning Class 2019

Annual Holiday Party 2018

December 2018 Basic Pistol Class

November 2018 New Shooters Shoot

October 2018 Intro to Rifle

September 2018 Basic Pistol Class

4th Annual Family Picnic

OCTOTHUG Advanced Shooters Shoot

June 2018 Basic Pistol Class

1st Intro to Rifle Class

4th Annual 2nd Amendment Rally

Law Day with Evan Nappen and U.S. Law Shield at Bass Pro Shops!

February 2018 “Shot through the Heart/Try a Firearm” Shoot!

1st Shoot of 2018!

December 2017 Annual Holiday Party

December 2017 Basic Pistol class

November 2017 – Shoot with the Girls/New Shooters Shoot

November 2017 – Inaugural Basic Pistol Class

October 2017 Law Day with Evan Nappen

2017 September Shoot with the Girls/New Shooters Shoot

WDLNH New Instructors!

2017 Annual League Family Picnic

June 2017 Summer Fun Shoot

2017 May  Quarterly Members Meeting/Shoot

2017 Mother’s Day Shoot

April 2017 Advanced Shooters Shoot

March 20147Shoot with the Girls/New Shooters Shoot

3rd Annual Gun Rights Rally

February 2017 Quarterly Members Meeting/Shoot

January 2017 Shoot with the Girls/New Shooters Shoot

Constitutional Carry Signing

December 2016 Annual Holiday Party

November 2016 New Shooters Shoot

September 2016 New Shooters Shoot

1st Annual 2016 Family Picnic!

June 2016 New Shooters Shoot

2nd Annual Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights Rally

April 2016 New Shooters Shoot

March 2016 Advanced Shooters Shoot

February ‘Guns & Roses’ Shoot 2016

Annual Holiday Party 2015

September 2015 New Shooters Shoot

August 2015 Concealed Carry Shoot

July 2015 New Shooters Shoot