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Gun control in NH House

Gun Control Hearing – January 31st

January 25, 2024 / NHWomen / 2nd Amendment

On Wednesday January 31st at 3:15 PM there will be a gun control hearing in the House Judiciary Committee.

The bill is House Bill 1037AN ACT relative to repealing limited liability for manufacturers, distributors, dealers, or importers of firearms or ammunition.

This legislation tries to hold firearms and ammunition manufacturers liable for the actions of humans who use their products.

Firearms manufacturers manufacture inanimate objects. The objects themselves can do nothing without human interaction. Somehow, the gun control crowd at the State House feels manufacturers should be held responsible for what a human does with their inanimate product after they purchase it.

Of course this bill makes zero sense. What’s next, holding automobile manufacturers liable for the actions of drunk drivers? Holding knife manufacturers for the actions of a criminal who stabs someone? Holding match manufacturers responsible for a person who commits arson?

You can email or call the House Judiciary Committee members below:

First NameLast NameEmailPhone
JoeAlexander[email protected](603) 856-5227
Louise Andrus[email protected](603) 648-2510
ShelleyDevine[email protected]
CharlotteDiLorenzo[email protected](603) 659-2140
JeffreyGreeson[email protected]
TimothyHorrigan[email protected](603) 868-3342
CamKenney[email protected](508) 677-5141
KatelynKuttab[email protected]
JudiLanza[email protected](603) 361-2657
BobLynn[email protected](603) 598-1899
ZoeManos[email protected]
BenMing[email protected]
MarkPaige[email protected]
KristinePerez[email protected]
MarjorieSmith[email protected] (603) 868-7500
WalterStapleton[email protected](603) 542-8656
DaveTesterman[email protected](603) 320-9524
RichardTripp[email protected]
EricTurer[email protected](603) 642-4888
ScottWallace[email protected]

You can send testimony opposing the bill or just sign in to oppose the bill online here:

Example of the online sign in: