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Gun Control in NH

MULTIPLE Gun Control Hearings February 2nd

January 29, 2024 / NHWomen / 2nd Amendment

On Friday, February 2nd, in the Legislative Office Building (located behind the state house), in rooms 202-204, there will be multiple gun control hearings held in the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. This is where you can have the chance to testify against or for some of the bills being heard in the committee.

House Bill 1050AN ACT relative to establishing a voluntary waiver of the right to purchase a firearm.

House Bill 1336 – AN ACT relative to employees’ firearms in locked vehicles.

OPPOSE – This bill mandates that employers have no say if their employees have firearms locked in their vehicles. While we agree that employees should be able to do this, it is a contract between the employer and the employee. The government shouldn’t be getting involved nor mandating what a private company does.

House Bill 1711 – AN ACT authorizing the state to report mental health data for firearms background check purposes and providing for processes for confiscation of firearms following certain mental health-related court proceedings and for relief from mental health-related firearms disabilities.

OPPOSE – This bill makes it so those who are adjudicated violently mental ill to seek inpatient or out patient mental health care become prohibited persons for purchasing or possessing firearms, but it also requires their firearms be confiscated. Anyone who is adjudicated to receive in patient or out patient mental healthcare (for any reason) already becomes a prohibited person according to the ATF.

This is yet another bill that is discriminating against gun owners and doesn’t actually do anything to solve or help those with mental health issues. If someone is involuntarily committed to a mental health facility, they’ve already lost all their freedoms. If they are released, shouldn’t they only be released if they are mentally WELL? There should be no need to confiscate their firearms. If someone is released, and they are still violently mentally ill, why the hell are they being released?

This is another bill that is trying to solve a mental health issue with gun confiscation.

You can email or call the committee members below:

First NameLast NameEmailPhone
AmandaBouldin[email protected](603) 494-8689
AmyBradley[email protected](603) 315-1597
LindaHarriott-Gathright[email protected](603) 880-4537
JasonJanvrin[email protected](603) 944-7449
DennisMannion[email protected]
DavidMeuse[email protected]
NancyMurphy[email protected](603) 424-0254
AlissandraMurray[email protected]
JodiNewell[email protected]
RayNewman[email protected](603) 880-8973
KevinPratt[email protected](603) 895-9502
MarkProulx[email protected](603) 669-7179
KarenReid[email protected]
JenniferRhodes[email protected](603) 762-8069
TerryRoy[email protected](603) 239-3369
LorenSelig[email protected]
JonathanStone[email protected]
JohnSytek[email protected](603) 893-8889
JeffreyTenczar[email protected]
JohanWheeler[email protected](603) 831-9916

You can also sign in to either OPPOSE the legislation and provide written testimony if you so choose by clicking on the following link (an example is below):