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Gun control in NH House


May 9, 2024 / NHWomen / 2nd Amendment

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted Inexpedient To Legislate on House Bill 1711 – the gun confiscation bill passed in the House thanks to a majority of gun control representatives. This bill will now be voted on by the entire NH Senate.

You can read more about the bill here:

Your efforts to help kill the bill in the committee were excellent. According to a senate hearing report, more people (of course) were AGAINST the legislation than were for it. The majority of people against the legislation are regular Granite State citizens such as yourself, while the majority for it were paid lobbyists or hacktivists, many funded by out-of-state gun control organizations.

You need to ACT one more time to get this bill killed, once and for all, in the full Senate.

The Senate will be voting on HB 1711 on Thursday, May 16th.

You can find out who your Senator is here:

You can email and call the Senators below. Calling is very helpful as they take a tally of how many are against the bill. Emailing is also important as it becomes public record.

You know what to do!! And please share!!!

Daryl Abbas[email protected](603) 271-4151
Debra Altschiller[email protected](603) 271-7875
Kevin Avard[email protected](603) 271-3077
Regina Birdsell[email protected](603) 271-3479
Jeb Bradley[email protected](603) 271-3479
Sharon Carson[email protected](603) 271-3266
Shannon Chandley[email protected](603) 271-3092
Lou D’Allesandro[email protected](603) 271-2117
Donovan Fenton[email protected](603) 271-3469
Bill Gannon[email protected](603) 271-3077
Carrie Gendreau[email protected](603) 271-8631
James Gray[email protected](603) 271-4980
Daniel Innis[email protected](603) 271-2609
Timothy Lang[email protected](603) 271-8631
Keith Murphy[email protected](603) 271-4063
Howard  Pearl[email protected](603) 271-4151
Rebecca Perkins Kwoka[email protected](603) 271-2104
Suzanne Prentiss[email protected](603) 271-3092
Denise Ricciardi[email protected](603) 271-1403
Cindy Rosenwald[email protected](603) 271-3207
Donna Soucy[email protected](603) 271-3207
Ruth Ward[email protected](603) 271-2609
David Watters[email protected](603) 271-2104
Rebecca Whitley[email protected](603) 271-3092