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SAVE THE DATE – Gun Control Hearings on February 8th

January 29, 2023 / NHWomen / Uncategorized

On February 8th, there will be multiple gun control bills heard in the New Hampshire House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. It appears that all the draconian gun control bills will be heard in one day so take a day off and support your 2nd Amendment rights in New Hampshire.

It doesn’t matter that New Hampshire is consistently one of the safest states in the country. It doesn’t matter that New Hampshire has ‘Constitutional Carry.’ What matters to gun controllers is out-of-state legislation that will intentionally harm Granite Staters and infringe upon your fundamental human right to self-defense.

The most important gun control bills are listed below:

House Bill 32 – AN ACT relative to possession or discharge of a firearm in a safe school zone.

This bill makes it illegal to possess a firearm within 1,000 feet of a public or private school. This means that if you are a woman who drops your children off at school and carry a firearm to protect yourself and your children, you become a criminal unless your firearm is unloaded and ‘in a locked container’ in a motor vehicle. Essentially, this law renders women who seek to protect themselves and their children useless to protect themselves against a stalker or abusive partner.

This bill enables violent criminals to make easy targets of their intended victims.

House Bill 59 – AN ACT requiring a background check prior to any commercial firearm sale.

This bill has been resurrected from the depths of Hell for at least a decade. And as always, this bill will make it so anyone who provides firearm training, other than those who are already FFL dealers, will NOT be able to provide firearm SAFETY training. Year after year after year, we have explained how this bill harms those who seek gun safety training but year after year after year, gun controllers don’t care. They claim to be all about gun safety but when it boils down to facts and reality, it’s more about control. They care nothing about actual gun safety.

House Bill 76 – AN ACT imposing a waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm.

This bill seeks to stop law-abiding Granite Staters, who pass a federal background check, from taking the legally purchased firearm home for 3 days. If you’re a woman with a stalker or abusive partner and don’t have a restraining order, you’re SOL when it comes to protecting yourself and practicing your fundamental human right to self-defense. NH’s 2A doesn’t mention anything about a waiting period, neither does the Constitution. The only people who want a waiting period are those who seek to enable criminals.

House Bill 78 – AN ACT repealing an act prohibiting the state from enforcing any federal statute, regulation, or Presidential Executive Order that restricts or regulates the right of the people to keep or bear arms.

Last year a bill was signed into law states the following: “…the state of New Hampshire, a political subdivision of this state, or any person acting under the color of state, county, or municipal law shall be prohibited from using any personnel or financial resources to enforce, administer, or cooperate with any law, act, rule, order, or regulation of the United States Government or Executive Order of the President of the United States that is inconsistent with any law of this state regarding the regulation of firearms, ammunition, magazines or the ammunition feeding devices, firearm components, firearms supplies, or knives.”

HB 78 seeks to repeal this law because gun controllers seem to really want the federal government controlling New Hampshire’s 2A laws. These representatives seem to forget they ‘represent’ Granite Staters, not the swamp rats in D.C.

House Bill 106 – AN ACT relative to extreme risk protection orders.

NYC billionaire Michael Bloomberg is bringing back his ‘Red Flag’ bill once again. This legislation is one of the most destructive pieces of gun control to ever be brought to the New Hampshire State Legislature. It is absolutely ironic that the New York State Supreme Court just ruled that their Red Flag law is unconstitutional. You can find out more details about Red Flag laws, including information about HB 106 by visiting

House Bill 351-FN  – AN ACT relative to the negligent storage of firearms and relative to firearm safety devices.

This bill is adding increased criminal penalties if a firearm isn’t stored according to existing law. The bill is specifically referring to children under the age of 16 who may gain access to a firearm. It’s unclear the need for changing this existing law. There doesn’t seem to be a rash of children intentionally or accidentally shooting people in New Hampshire. This is another gun control measure to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

House Bill 444-FN – AN ACT prohibiting possession of a firearm at a polling place.

This bill makes it a crime to carry a firearm at polling places, unless you are law enforcement. It doesn’t matter if you are legally able to posses a firearm. It doesn’t matter that there has NEVER been an issue with Granite Staters carrying at polling places. This bill seeks to make people less safe. Once again, another bill that will allow criminals, stalkers, and abusers to be able to easily prey on innocent victims who will not be able to protect themselves.

Not one of these gun control bills will stop criminals. ALL these gun control bills are looking for solutions to problems that do not exist in New Hampshire. Again, New Hampshire is consistently one of the SAFEST STATES in the country. These bills have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with control.

It doesn’t matter that these bills will probably fail in both the House and the Senate. What matters is Granite Staters continue to fight against these bills written by out-of-state organizations and pushed by extremists in the legislature who seek to infringe upon our fundamental human right to self-defense.

If you cannot make the hearings, you can email the Committee members and ask them to vote Inexpedient To Legislate (ITL) on each of the bills above. Even if you can make the hearings, you should still email them:

Granite Staters deserve better than to be treated like criminals for simply practicing their rights and protecting themselves and their families from ACTUAL criminals.