Who we are


Who we are

We are women empowering women.

One of our primary missions is to train women in basic firearms’ safety and use. All of our on-site trainers are NRA-certified instructors or Range Safety Officers. No other organization in the state provides this on-going commitment.

    We build on success.

All of our new shooters start with a .22 caliber pistol, so they are comfortable and successful. We are there to support women in the development of their firearms skills and confidence.

     Our shoots are not like going to the range with the guys.

Because our shoots are geared for women, we take full advantage of it! We make it fun and include a social element that you won’t find with the guys. We also bring a woman’s perspective to shooting including shooting stance and hold, selection of firearms, concealed carry options, and self-defense concerns.

    A woman’s perspective and voice are critical in Second Amendment advocacy.

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution acknowledges and guarantees our natural right of self defense. However, there are national organizations that use the victimization of women to push their gun control efforts. As women, we must make it clear that these groups do not represent us. In the political dialog, we cannot talk about defending women without mentioning how to empower women to protect themselves. Few, if any, 2A advocacy organizations speak from this perspective.