HOLD THE LINE — Defend NH’s Article 2A

Four extreme gun-grab bills passed the NH House and Senate, and now head to Governor Sununu’s desk. If allowed to become law, they will fundamentally alter New Hampshire’s 245 year-long history of upholding the right of its citizens to defend themselves, their families, and their state against those who would disarm them.

These bills seek to individually and collectively criminalize law-abiding New Hampshire citizens by corrupting state and federal firearms law as well as such basic tenets of the NH constitution as the right of each citizen to due process.

Take a moment and sign this petition to tell Governor Sununu to “Hold the Line,” to honor his word and reject these anti-Article 2A, anti-NH citizen, anti-NH history bills. The message may be personalized for greater impact. Read more about these bills in our legislative alert here.

HB 109 universal background checks
HB 514 waiting period
HB 564 school “safe” zones
HB 696 vulnerable adults

Hold the Line

Governor Sununu,

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