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Gun Control in NH


December 30, 2019 / NHWomen / 2nd Amendment, gun control, New Hampshire

Extreme Risk Protection Orders – “AKA “Red Flag Laws” – Are Too Extreme for New Hampshire

Stop House Bill 687 Before It’s Too Late

The Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee in the NH House voted 10-10 to get Bloomberg’s Red Flag bill out of the committee and into the full house. It was two Democrats and all Republicans who voted AGAINST the bill

All retained bills from 2019 will begin to be heard on January 8th and 9th by the full house. This draconian and destructive gun confiscation bill could be voted on either of those days.

HB 687 is promulgated on the basis that simply being in the presence of a firearm or ammunition drives people to mayhem and would allow ex-parte, no-knock, warrantless searches to be executed upon persons anonymously reported to police.

Michael Bloomberg’s Red Flag bill violates MULTIPLE protected rights in the Bill of Rights, not just your 2nd Amendment rights. IT. MUST. BE. STOPPED.

You can find more information and news about Red Flag laws by visiting

Doctor’s for Responsible Gun Ownership call HB 687 “…worse than most.

Please EMAIL and CALL your legislators.  You can find out who they are here.

You can find the email and phone numbers for every legislator here.

Also, call the Governor at his office 271-2121 or email his office at: [email protected]