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Example of a Strong Woman

November 6, 2019 / NHWomen / 2nd Amendment, Blogroll, Personal Stories

All year the League has shared personal stories from members and friends about their experiences and why they are Second Amendment supporters. This one comes from Connie who, sadly, like so many others, had to overcome a violent encounter. We believe these women are strong, and have become victors over their circumstances. They refuse to be victims and we hope others will understand why firearms ownership is so important to Granite State women.

I was raised in a family with no guns. My husband grew up carrying a rifle to school where the teacher stacked them behind her desk until school finished for the day. For your information, this was Litchfield, NH, back in the 1960s and 1970s.

Many years ago, I was raped when showing a property in Nashua, and started to think about self-defense. My husband tried to encourage me to learn karate as he is a black belt, but I never felt comfortable enough to think I would remember it in a crisis.

My husband then started pistol shooting and shoots competitively with IDPA matches. One day he came home with a present for me – a S&W Bodyguard. It has a very long trigger pull that pinched my finger, but it was a start.

Now I have two additional guns in my inventory – a Sig and a Glock, as well as several classes under my belt while I work towards becoming a Range Safety Officer and Basic Pistol Instructor.

I want to be safe in my workplace as well as my home and be able to protect myself and others. The Women’s Defense League of NH has some of the best women involved and has goals and challenges that work for me. For many years, I never felt our Constitution was being attacked, but it is. It is very important that we stand together to protect all our constitutional rights, especially the Second Amendment.