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Growing up 2A

May 28, 2019 / NHWomen / 2nd Amendment, Personal Stories

We periodically share personal stories of our members and friends about why they support the Second Amendment, are firearms owners, and support the League. This story comes from one of our members, Kimberley Brown Edelmann.

Sadly, due to legislation like HB 109 (universal background checks) and HB 514 (waiting period), our training programs, and others across the state, could cease to operate. Law-abiding NH citizens would no longer be able to take firearms safety and training programs that encourage responsible operation and ownership. We hope programs like ours can continue to provide this valued service to people, especially women, across the Granite State.

If you value firearms training programs like those offered by the Women’s Defense League of NH, we encourage you to sign our email petition to Governor Sununu, urging him to veto four gun-grabbing bills that are heading to his desk.

When I was a kid, my Dad, a war veteran, taught me and my siblings how to shoot targets using a BB gun. He taught us gun safety and enforced strict rules about how to handle our Daisy Red Ryder. His rules included never pointing any gun, even toy guns, at anyone for any reason.

Decades later, as an adult, I still enjoy shooting targets. Thankfully, my motivation to shoot has nothing to do with any past situations where I was a victim of a crime. Nor is my desire to improve my shooting skills a form of preparation for committing future crimes or causing bodily harm. I simply enjoy the skills and working to improve them. I find great satisfaction spending time at the shooting range with family and friends.

A couple years ago, I had read about the Women’s Defense League and decided to participate in one of their women-only firearms classes. There, I found a friendly supportive environment where women of various skill levels were guided and educated by highly trained women instructors. I liked the structured classroom time and the carefully supervised range time. I enjoyed the easy social feel during open discussions. It felt right. It felt good. It felt safe. Since then, I’ve attended other WDL classes to further my knowledge about firearms and firearm safety.

Growing up, I never thought about guns in terms of constitutional rights; they are just a normal part of life. Today, it’s apparent that right is under threat, not because of the millions who own and shoot firearms for safety and sport, but because of the relatively few who seek to harm others.

Not only do I enjoy the WDL training programs for women by women, I am extremely thankful for the WDL’s legislative arm which works to defend my constitutional rights, allowing me to continue pursuit of perfect bullseyes. Thank you, ladies!

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