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Personal Story — Catherine

January 14, 2019 / NHWomen / 2nd Amendment, Blogroll, Personal Stories, Women's Defense League of NH

We’ve all taken different journeys to get where we are today. Some of us are wives or single, sisters or moms, busy with careers or raising families. Each of us has a story. We will periodically share stories of our members, in their own words. We hope this will encourage others to become better, stronger versions of themselves and see themselves as powerful people, not victims.

This is the first story in our series, from one of our long-time members, Catherine. We hope her story, and the ones to come, inspire you.

As a NH real estate broker, I worked with many bank-foreclosed properties. When receiving the assignment to list a new property, first step is to establish if the property is vacant or occupied. About 50% of the time the property is occupied. I have had a pit bull charge me and a number of properties where drugs were manufactured, sold, or used. One property manager told me not to go to a particular property unless accompanied by a police officer.

As a responsible, law-abiding citizen, I wanted to know everything about using and owning a handgun. The WDL provided me with the knowledge and direction. I have enormous amount of support, education, and opportunities to learn, and also share with other women the thing I learned. In the process, I came to know and love some awesome, strong, funny, and caring women.