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Women’s Defense League Holds 4th Annual 2A Rally at State House

March 12, 2018 / NHWomen / Women's Defense League of NH

From NH Political Buzz:

Yesterday, the Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire held their 4th annual “Gun Rights are Women’s Rights” rally at the state house in Concord. Over 200 people ascended on the state house plaza to show their support for their 2nd Amendment rights.

Susan Olsen, The League’s Legislative Director, emceed the event and also read a letter from Governor Chris Sununu who couldn’t be at the event but continues to support the 2nd Amendment rights of all Granite Staters. If you recall, Sununu’s first piece of legislation he signed after being elected governor was to end almost 100 years of state-sanctioned discrimination in the pistol/revolver licensing process:

Gun Supporters 3.9.18 Rally


The event was truly a family affair. Kids were playing in the snow; there were children from infants to teenagers and even some furry friends as well. People from across New Hampshire showed up to hear speakers and meet with other 2nd Amendment supporters in the state. They were all there to support their 2nd Amendment rights.

Senator Kevin Avard kicked of the event and talked about how important it is to get in the trenches and help elect good legislators who will actually defend the constitution. State Representatives Lisa Freeman and Victoria Sullivan, also members of The League, spoke at the rally. Sullivan reminded people how much our 2nd Amendment rights are under attack right now:

I got into a little trouble this week when I tweeted out a reminder that, people with evil intentions will use the love we have for our children to convince us to give up our liberties for their protection.   Isn’t that exactly what we are seeing now?  I cannot remember a time when our 2nd amendment right was as under attack as it is now.  I cannot remember when our elected republican officials were so open to the conversation of compromise on our right to bear arms.

During the event, Ray Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democrat Party, proved how much he hates women protecting themselves. He actually called the women, mothers, grandmothers and daughters who organized and ran the event “extremists:”

Former state representative Jane Cormier also officially announced her run for Executive Councilor. She will be running for the seat currently held by Chris Pappas who is now running for Carol Shea-Porter’s congressional district seat.

The honorable Senator Bob Clegg spoke about Senate Bill 500 and warned about wolves in sheep’s clothing:

We’re backing anybody who has the guts to stand up when the anti-gun people come out, claiming to be pro-gun and attack the people who are standing up for your rights. It’s not just this time, it happens on a constant basis.

He spoke about Senate Bill 12, aka Constitutional Carry, and how supposed pro-2nd Amendment groups actually worked to undermine the passage of the legislation.

At a time when massive misinformation is being tossed about by the main stream media regarding firearms and existing gun laws, it was a day of truth. Granite Staters have long been known to be staunch supporters of their 2nd Amendment rights and the rally showed nothing is going to change that. Maybe that’s one reason New Hampshire is consistently one of the safest states in the country.