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Constitutional Carry: New Hampshire Women make history

February 26, 2017 / NHWomen / 2nd Amendment, Legislation, Women's Defense League of NH

From NH Political Buzz:

On Wednesday, Governor Chris Sununu signed into law Senate Bill 12, which is also known as Constitutional Carry. At the signing, something you won’t hear about from the main stream media in New Hampshire, were many women who supported the bill and helped fight for it, members of  the Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire. The organization was at the forefront of the Constitutional Carry fight from the very beginning over two years ago and many members were at the signing to celebrate the reward from so many years of work.

It was Susan Olsen, Legislative Director for the Women’s Defense League (The League), who spent hours researching the origins of the pistol/revolver licensing law in New Hampshire. Olsen discovered that the reason for the law was based on discrimination against legal immigrants and union workers back in the early 1920s. Her research helped to define the argument for changing the law because discrimination was still allowed to this day.

Constitutional Carry legislation has been attempted for years in the Granite State but it was almost exclusively pushed by men. There is nothing wrong with that but the gun control crowd cares little about the Constitution or men’s rights. Having women at the forefront of the fight to end discrimination and push for women’s rights to be restored made a huge difference. While women were fighting for women’s rights, they helped restore everyone’s rights.

The Women’s Defense League is not only the only women’s 2nd Amendment organization in New Hampshire but they are the only 2nd Amendment organization that actually trains members and the only true “no compromise” organization in the state.  A few years ago they made history by holding the first ever gun rally organized by women. This year they will be holding their third. All which have been ignored by the main stream media in the state.

The League is a grassroots organization that was founded by women who live in New Hampshire. They have taught hundreds of women introductory classes on gun safety and firearms training. They also teach women how to become 2nd Amendment activists along with a slew of other educational activities they provide. Their tireless activism efforts are what helped drive Constitutional Carry.

Make no mistake; The League was not alone in pushing this legislation. There were several other 2nd Amendment organizations that worked on Constitutional Carry as well. It was Olsen’s idea to form an alliance between all the organizations in the state and that helped to create a coalition that the legislature couldn’t deny. The alliance all worked together to defeat gun control legislation and pass Constitutional Carry. It was only two national organizations that worked against this bill but at the end of the day, all were at the signing by Governor Sununu to celebrate a much needed and hard-earned freedom in the state.

The women of The League and their members helped make history. After over two years of the fight for freedom against discrimination, they celebrated their success by being a part of Governor Sununu’s first bill signed into law. While the main stream media may ignore their effort due to bias, it has not gone unnoticed in the 2nd Amendment community. Regardless of any attention they may deserve, these women will still continue to fight against gun control legislation all while fighting for the freedom of all citizens of the state of New Hampshire. And just for good measure, they’ll continue to teach women how to practice their fundamental human right of self-defense.