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Legislature Must HOLD THE LINE

August 22, 2019 / NHWomen / 2nd Amendment, Blogroll, gun control, Legislation, Uncategorized

Governor Sununu stood up to Bloomberg’s gun-control lobbyists and vetoed three extreme bills that would put law-abiding Granite Staters at risk. He HELD THE LINE against them.

Now it’s time for the NH legislature to do the same.

The veto override sessions are scheduled for September 18 and 19. This is when both chambers must sustain the Governor’s vetoes; otherwise, these outrageous bills will become law.

Contact your Republican House Representatives and Senators and remind them to HOLD THE LINE and uphold Governor Sununu’s veto! They must show up on the override days or the Democrats may have enough votes to overturn the vetoes.

HB 109 perverts the meaning of the word “sale” to include the everyday physical “transfer” of a firearm and would end all training programs in the state. Instructors and students would be prohibited from handing a firearm back and forth during training without federal background checks. The bill ignores that fact that it is illegal to run background checks for this purpose!  Never mind the fact that the NH State Gun Line has been cited by the FBI’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms bureau for repeated failures and abuse of the very same federal background check systems.  Finally, HB 109’s “Universal background check” scheme cannot work without the creation of a firearms registry, the creation of which is prohibited by federal law.
HB 514 creates arbitrary waiting periods for people who clear state and federal background checks until they can possess firearms. This will put law-abiding citizens at risk, especially women who may be facing an imminent threat from a disgruntled partner.
HB 564 allows school districts to create their own “safe school zones” which becomes a patchwork of more than 200 different firearms laws. Law-abiding citizens would encounter these zones, unaware they are now criminals for crossing an invisible boundary as they go to work, the grocery store, and other ordinary aspects of their daily lives.

Contact your state reps and senator TODAY! Find them here.

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