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‘Take your blood money and lobbyists and go back to New York. This is NH.’

May 14, 2016 / NHWomen / 2nd Amendment

On Wednesday the Women’s Defense League held a press conference not long after Moms Demand held one in the Legislative Office Building. Both pressers were aimed at House Bill 582 but only one group is grassroots from New Hampshire – The League. And only one group is funded by an out-of-state billionaire gun control addict – Moms Demand.

The Women’s Defense League has been fighting to end almost 100 years of abuse at the hands of the state against New Hampshire citizens. Not only have they uncovered cases of abuse but they have even helped women to fight against abuse. Even though the New Hampshire Department of Safety and Governor Maggie Hassan have admitted women are abused thanks to the law, Hassan refuses to correct the current law and allows women and citizens to continue to be abused.

Legislative Director, Susan Olsen spoke first and talked about how Bloomberg’s well-funded organizations were in New Hampshire to argue against ending racism and discrimination that has been going on for almost 100 years. Bloomberg and his minions are against ending abuse of the state against New Hampshire citizens. Interestingly, racist and discriminatory gun control laws began right in New York. Olsen’s commentary:

Today, standing on the bodies of dead children and wrapping themselves in a mantle of moral authority, Moms Demand and its corporate owners demand NH surrender to their culture of victimhood, where evil lurks in these hearts of men and women, where only bigger government and more laws have the slightest chance of saving you from being murdered in your sleep by Mr. and Mrs. America.

Enough is enough. Take your blood money, take your lobbyists, take your ethnic and gender hatred and go back to New York, this is New Hampshire

During the presser, Chairman Michelle Levell spoke about her own personal story of abuse by her police chief who decided to change the rules of the pistol/revolver application. Levell was denied her renewal because the police department illegally change the requirements. She had to go to court to resolve the issue. Levell speaks about how it took over 112 days for her to get her day in court, leaving her defenseless in public. Immediately after testimony during the case, the judge demanded she be given her pistol license. That same day the police chief changed the rules on the web page.

Levell also spoke about other women who are having to deal with similar issues “no other form shall be used by officials of cities or towns” in the towns of Litchfield and Hudson. Seabrook Police Department is blatantly breaking the law and abusing its citizens with further requirements that they are not, by law, allowed to add. Not everyone can afford an attorney, days off from work or even daycare for their children in order to fight against illegal rules being put into place by police departments across the state.

It’s become clear that Michael Bloomberg has his sights set on New Hampshire. He’s already paying lobbyists in the state to push gun control and he’s got Governor Maggie Hassan eating out of his hands for campaign cash. Luckily grassroots organizations like the Women’s Defense League and many others in the state, have been fighting against this New York intrusion. Unfortunately, there seem to be too many Democrats that care more about an out-of-state gun control addict’s money than their own constituents.

Note: The Women’s Defense league is holding their 2nd Annual Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights Rally Sunday, May 15th.