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Responsible Gun Ownership Keeps Us Safe

April 9, 2019 / NHWomen / 2nd Amendment, Personal Stories

The last few months we’ve shared personal stories from our members about their thoughts on personal safety and why they are gun owners. This time, we are sharing from of a friend of the League’s, Rhonda Lambert. She is not a member, but supports our Second Amendment rights.

I am not a very politically-inclined person. I know a lot of politicians and call them friends. I grew up with guns. My dad taught me how to shoot in an emergency, how to respect guns and not fear them. I have never lost a loved one to a gun violence and I cannot even begin to comprehend the pain and feeling of loss.

With that said, how is threatening to take away peoples rights ( yes, it is a right not a privilege) for having firearms a good idea, or even why is it a thought process? Why would you want to live at the mercy of the government to protect you?

My neighbor complains about the gun range up the street from me. When I hear the guns being fired for target shooting, I feel safe. Safe in the knowledge that people are learning to shoot and respect guns. When I see my friends from the Women’s Defense League training people on the safety and respect of guns, I feel safe. When my daughters know how to shoot to protect themselves when dad or I can’t be there, I feel safe.

Sadly there are people who use guns to threaten and kill. Those people do not make me feel safe. It scares me actually. Those people did not learn respect for firearms or possibly even themselves. That does not make me feel safe. Do I believe in violence? No. Do I believe in things being taken from me by force? No.

I cannot and will not imagine a day in my lifetime or my children’s lifetime that the only choice is to be protected by the government. That does not make me feel safe. If you are against guns that’s ok. I do not wish to force my choice on you, but know that if you are in danger and I can protect you, I will. But please don’t take away my ability to do so. Think about the ramifications if you do. I can’t protect you, my family, or this great state.