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Personal Story — A Woman’s Choice

February 19, 2019 / NHWomen / 2nd Amendment, Blogroll, Personal Stories

We all have different journeys that take us where we are today. Sometimes the path is easy, but often it is hard with darkness along the way. We learn from these experiences and become stronger, wiser. Sometimes by sharing our stories, we can help another person along their journey to becoming a better version of themselves.

This is the story from one of our members who wishes to remain anonymous. Her journey wasn’t easy, but the experiences shaped her to the more powerful person she is today. We thank her for sharing her story with us.

Choice. Women’s choice. We hear a lot about this.

It is also about a woman’s choice, and her right, to defend herself. The choice of how a woman defends herself should never, ever be taken away.

I was assaulted three times, many years ago, and though the odds were against me, I somehow managed to get away.  But I will never be a victim again.

The first time was a “fondling” by a young college student who was with two of his friends. It was very funny to them. It was terrifying to me. 

The second instance involved two escaped prisoners who jumped into my car, one on top of me, while I sat in the driver’s seat. He had a knife. He was angry. They wanted my car. He was violent.

The third time happened while I was Christmas shopping for my children. I was grabbed from behind by my hair as the assailant tried to take my purse.

I realize now that, instead of being fondled, I could have been raped.

I realize now that, instead of just my car being taken from me, I could have been abducted.

I realize now that, instead of being mugged, I could have been killed.

There’s a good reason a firearm is called the “great equalizer.” It evens the odds when the attacker is bigger than the would-be victim or catches his target off-guard.  Well trained and ever vigilant now, I choose to protect myself and my family with a firearm so I won’t be a victim again.

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