Senate — Hold the Line

Three extreme gun-control bills already passed the NH House and are on their way to the Senate. There are public hearings scheduled in the Senate Judiciary Committee for all three on Tuesday, April 30th beginning at 9:00am. If they pass, New Hampshire’s 245 year-long history of upholding the right of its citizens to defend themselves, their families, and their state against those who would disarm them could come to an end.

House Bills 109514, and 564 seek to individually and collectively criminalize law-abiding New Hampshire citizens by corrupting state and federal firearms law as well as such basic tenets of the NH constitution as the right of each citizen to due process.

HB 109, requiring background checks for private firearms sales AND transfers. This legislation will actually make it impossible for women to get gun safety training! This legislation will turn law-abiding citizens into criminals all while criminals continue to completely ignore existing laws! It’s the same exact California gun control legislation they have tried to pass 3 previous times. It also creates a “register of each sale” (gun registry) which is expressly prohibited by federal law. For the record, commercial firearm sales are already covered in existing statute.  

HB 514, imposing a waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm! They want to make women LESS SAFE by forcing a 7 (really up to 11) day waiting period between the time of purchase of a firearm and the time of pickup of said firearm or ammunition!! Law Enforcement has no duty to protect us; we must be our own first responders. This bill inhibits women’s right to self defense. This will effectively END all gun shows in New Hampshire (hurting small business) and once again, harm all law-abiding citizens!  

HB 564, banning law-abiding citizens from carrying concealed firearms in a ‘safe school zone.’ Currently, those who have pistol/revolver licenses are allowed, per federal law, to carry concealed on school grounds. CRIMINALS have never obeyed ‘gun free zone’ laws, which is why schools are often targets. This law will further enable criminals to more easily prey on our children. This legislation also VICTIMIZES those who are victims and MUST protect themselves in their daily lives, especially women. And of course, as with all gun control, this legislation CRIMINALIZES law-abiding Granite Staters. It is a fact that 98% of mass public shootings occur in gun free zones, why would anyone want to increase those odds in New Hampshire?

Take a moment to sign this petition to tell the entire NH senate to “Hold the Line,” to honor their sworn oaths to the US and NH Constitutions, and reject these anti-Article 2A, anti-NH citizen, anti-NH history bills. The message may be personalized for greater impact.

Senators -- Hold the Line

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