Women’s Defense League Merchandise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You asked and we heard you, loud and clear! We have short-sleeved t-shirts; long-sleeved t-shirts and 2 types of hooded sweatshirts! The below is an example of what the products will look like – we’ll post actual photos when available!

Thank you for supporting Women Empowering Women in the Granite State!


There are different color selections based on different items.


Short-Sleeve t-shirt Color choices

Long-sleeve T-shirt Color Choices

Hooded Sweatshirt Color Choices

Zippered Hooded Sweatshirt Color Choices


Short-sleeve t-shirts are $20.00

Long-sleeve t-shirts are $25.00

Hooded sweatshirts are $45.00

Zippered hooded sweatshirts are $45.00

All prices include shipping and handling. All sizes are men’s cuts.

All proceeds support the efforts of the Women’s Defense League to train women how to safely and accurately shoot firearms and to fight against gun control at the New Hampshire State House.


The Color is REQUIRED****

NOTE: Lettering is in white for all colors.

Color – From selections above