Board of Directors and Leadership
Unlike national organizations, the League is focused exclusively on New Hampshire. We are committed to our 2A community and sisters across NH. Towards that effort, we have developed an excellent and professional rapport with multiple clubs, ranges, instructors, advocates, and other Second Amendment organizations across the state.  The League was founded in a grassroots effort by women living in the Granite State. 

Board of Directors

Michelle Levell, Chairwoman            

Kimberly Morin, President               

Roxanne Polak, Treasurer

         Secretary                                   Open              

Eva Arsenault, Director of Education and Training 

Susan Olsen, Director of Legislation and Advocacy

Cynthia Hounam Director at Large       

Leadership Teams

Education:  Eva Arsenault

Legislation:  Susan Olsen

Membership:  Iris Altilio

Media:  Kimberly Morin

Website:  Kimberly Morin

Graphic Design:  Kate Muller

Fundraising:  Open

Grants: Open

Merchandise: Open

Events:  Cynthia Hounam

Outreach:  Open



For membership information and inquiries, contact

For general information, contact


Updated June 2017